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We established Farus Tour Ethiopia to give you the opportunity to listen, see, feel, smell, and taste Ethiopia as a Truly unique country. Its ethnical diversity, active volcanoes, Incredible natural scenic beauty and ancient civilization make Ethiopia a captivating destination for visitors.

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5 Days Dallol
Adventure tour


It’s officially one of driest and hottest places on Earth...

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7 Days Omo Valley


Here you’ll interact with people whose culture is dramatically different from your own.

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7 Days Simien Mountains NP.


UNESCO World Heritage Site and is rightfully known as God’s playground.

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7 Days Northern Ethiopia


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is now a wonderful museum complex that showcases the last centuries of the country’s emperors.

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7 Days Bird Waching


Ethiopia is a major birdwatching destination, and you never have to venture too far to get some shiny feathers in front of your binoculars.

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Full Day Addis Ababa

One of the best if its kind in Africa, this museum in Addis Ababa gives a great insight into the many different Ethiopian peoples and their rich cultures.

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Well experienced Farus tour operator to Ethiopia’s cultural, historical, natural and wildlife attractions is a private; fully Ethiopian owned and run by young, flexible, energetic, articulate tourism expertise and highly skilled and qualified personnel who knows and love Ethiopia.p>

What you will see in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has countless undiscovered touristic assets which makes it among one of the few African countries with unparalleled things to offer to the world.

What makes these trips different?

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